About Us!


Thank you for being curious about who we are, what we do, and why we do it!  We spend a lot of time wondering about the same things. 

We are sisters, Leann and Hope. We are mothers, wives, and professionals who have worked (and played) in the Lehigh Valley for over 20 years. 

I am Leann, the big sister. I’m a craft-creating, pun-making, what-iffer. I love tie dye, 90’s grunge, a perfect cup of coffee, and I use too many commas. I love the texture of leather, metal and wood; the luxury of linen and velvet, and comfort of lived-in denim. 

My sister, Hope, is a goal-crushing leader, iron grinding gym-rat, leggy-blonde badass who rocks a bold red lip and the boardroom. She embodies all things bright and sunny, adores kitschy themes, and she is down for anything in the name of adventure! 

Though we have the same strong values (and some would say the same laugh) we bring together a wildly varied set of skills, experiences, interests, and aesthetics…we are the team at Discover Date Night.  

Last year, we realized we shared the dream of build a business where we could feed our creative sweet tooth and celebrate life. It wasn’t too hard to figure out what we should do…make celebrating life the actual business. We know parties. And, after two years of pandemic induced solitude and social distancing, we are ready to kick off the sweatpants and slide into stilettos. We know others are ready to go out again too, and we won’t be dancing with ourselves forever.

We are so excited to get this party started! Our goals is to  plan date night events that bring couples together to celebrate the sweetness of life. We curate our date nights using our idea of a good time and our connections with the Lehigh Valley’s top event venues and vendors.